Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Oh, the days of Summer

As your about to see, our summer kept us pretty busy here are a few of some of the things that took place...

These next couple photos, were suppose to be at the end, but I simply just couldn't get them there. Sorry. I threw them in, only because I thought they were cute.

Ryan and Ethan looked adorable on Pioneer Day.

Ryan 1st day of the 1st grade .

Mommy and Reese

I think they like each other.


GinaRD said...

Well, no wonder you haven't posted in so long! You've been too busy having fun, which is allowed during the summer I suppose. What a cute family you have!

Wildings said...

K, love the picture of you and Reese! I'm glad you finally updated your blog, but I can't give you too hard of a time because I just barely updated mine from the whole summer too! Your kids get cuter all the time!