Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mother's Day Weekend

Bill and Cathy kickin it with Ryan, Ethan, Reese, and Lucy.

My cute mom with #13.
Lucy was so cute. She wanted to be a big help, and was!

Mother's day weekend was awesome. My family came down to meet baby Reese. Cathy's little girl Lucy was so cute. I wish I didn't have to live so far away. Stacey and Jeff were also in town and stopped by to hi. It was fun to see all of you.


lisa said...

cute jill. i see you figured out how to write under the pictures. yeah for you. :)

lisa said...

Hey, when are we going to see some pictures of the boat? Maybe your next post?

Wildings said...
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GinaRD said... need to post more on your blog. And I mean NOW Jilly.

Jer & Lu said...

What a cute family! Congrats on the new babe. I'm glad we can finally keep up with your family.

Karen said...

Hey Jill! Laura sent me a link to your blog. This is great! Reese is so darling, I think those are the first pix I've seen of her. I can't believe Ryan and Ethan are getting so old too. Just amazing! Everyone looks happy and healthy! It will be fun to keep better tabs on what's going on with you family.