Saturday, October 4, 2008

I've been Tagged!

8 TV shows I love to watch...
1- One Tree Hll
2-The Hills
3- Ultimate Fighter
4- CSI - Las Vegas
5- The Unit
6- The Amazing Race
7- Survior
8- House

8 Favorite Restaurants (or in my case it's just places to eat)...
1- Olive Garden
2- Los Hermonos (oh, how I miss that place)
3- Chili's
4- Sizzler
5- Cafe Rio
6- Dairy Queen
7- Training Table (miss this one too)
8- Applebees (gotta like it, I eat there almost everyday)

8 Things That Happened Yesterday...
1- Made breakfast for my kids
2- played on the computer
3- Went to work
4- Made dinner for the kids
5- Did dishes
6- Talked to Cathy
7- Watched T.V
8- Went to bed and text my other sister.

8 Things I am Looking Forward To...
1- Halloween
2- Thanksgiving
3- Christmas
4- Not having to work anymore
5- Birthday (event though it just passed)
6- My kid going to nursery
7- Going to the lake before it's officially too cold
8- Going to bed tonight. I love to go to bed :)

8 Things On My Wish List...
1- 10 million dollars
2- No debt
3- My own house in Utah!!
4- Family to move to Vegas if I can't get my own house in Utah :)
5- Going on a month long vacation without kids
6- Being able to sing and dance
7- A fight free marriage...could you even imagine!
8- Having a gorgeous body!!

8 people I tag...
1- Laura
2- Kim
3- Kelsie
4- Erica
5- Crystal
6- Danielle
7- Katie
8- Anyone that wants too!


lisa said...

I hope you get your own house in Utah, too! :) Hopefully we'll be seeing you guys and your cute new house in Nov! Miss you.

Heather said...

We like eating at Applebee's too but only if your there:) Because your the COOLEST!

Phipps Family said...

Your so funny! I can't even imagine what a fight free marriage would be like, I dont think it exists!

Andrea, Joey, & Jackson Mott said...

oh my heck I totally remember going to los hermonos in utah for my birthday. Nikki and Aaron came with us, it was our freezing cold camping trip up in the Utah mountains. remember? that was a good restaurant, oh I'm hungry!

Parley and Katie Call said...

Mmm. I remember Los Hermanos. Las Vegas needs a good Mexican restaurant! I have yet to find one I love.